Walnut Cake | Homemade Goodness

So I’ve always enjoyed making food especially for friends or family.  There is something very satisfying about making something from scratch that will nourish and be enjoyed by people you care about.  I have a whole bunch of tried and true recipes that I go to time and time again, most of which are my great grandma Sarah’s (I promise I’ll try to share some of those eventually) but I love finding new recipes.  I came to know this decadent cake through my friend Angie.  It’s not too sweet but it’s so delightfully rich and would go marvelously with coffee or tea. The original recipe is here, although I didn’t follow it to a T.  I only used 3 eggs, used less sugar and I didn’t have quite 7 cups of walnuts so I used a little more almond meal.  But seriously you have to try this, its one of the most delicious things ever!


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